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My Favourite Links Related To Radio Construction

Cool386's Australian Site of Antiquated Technology Mostly FM and some designs and circuits very similar to mine.

FM only: Low Tech FM Radios Some very good articles on the development of FM Radio and links related to famous radio pioneer Sir Howard Edwin Armstrong. 

Alan Yates' Laboratory Some good radio circuits but mostly Solid State and a good article on his home made Foster  Seeley and Ratio FM detector used in many UK Valve and Transistor FM Radios of the 1960s and 70s.

Fun With Tubes Features some good circuits and articles related to valve regenerative MW receivers and a couple of Superhet design. He also gives you full details on how to make homemade superhet receiver coils for the standard AM Medium wave broadcast band.

TRF Radios 2, HAC Radio, Ladybird Radio, Denco Green Coils and MDS975 - "Making A Transistor Radio" by George Dobbs Both these sites feature articles about the early 1970s Children's Ladybird book about breadboard construction of a crystal set to a working regenerative receiver which got me into this great pastime hobby 40 years ago.

Vintage Radio and Electronics I would honestly admit this is my second favourite of all radio construction sites. It features articles and history on both the UK magazines Practical Wireless, Still available today and the late Radio Constructor magazine which sadly ceased publication during the early 1980s. Some very good valve and transistor related circuits to keep you entertained.

UK Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration Some very good and detailed information on repairing valve radios and safety advice. Also has some useful projects such as a high voltage electrolytic capacitor reformer and current lamp limiter which is an essential item to process when testing and powering up your valve built projects for the first time. There is also a gallery of virtually all the UKs most popular and bottom of the range radios he has repaired.    

The Valve Page Similar to the link above but mostly has articles related to the old 405 Line UK TV days and early 625 Line Colour Television development. Has some very detailed information of the popular UK Sets made under the brands of Bush, Philips and Sobel. Very enjoyable site to keep you entertained over the Winter evenings.  

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Important Electrical Safety Issues Related To Valve Equipment

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Important Electronic Symbols Used In Valve Circuits

Links To My Crystal And Regenerative Receiver Projects

Progressive Crystal Set To Regenerative Receiver Using Safe 12V HT Line

Simple 2 Valve TRF Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver

Components List and Chassis Layout For 2 Valve TRF Receiver

Links To My Superhet Receiver Projects

Introducing Superhet Receivers' Featuring Add On Converter For The Two Valve TRF Receiver

Severn Valve HF Superhet Receiver Designed For Advanced Constructors

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Transistor FM Superhet Receiver

Double Conversion Pulse Counting FM Superhet Receiver With 10.7 MHZ First IF Stage

Single Conversion 6 Transistor 10.7 MHZ Pulse Counting Receiver, Designed For Stereo FM Reception

Solid State AM/FM Pulse Counting Receiver Designed For HF Short Wave Band Reception As Well As Superb Clear VHF/FM Reception

6 Valve VHF/FM Pulse Counting FM Tuner Using Safe 25Volt DC HT Line

Valve Version Of The 10.7 MHZ Double Conversion VHF/FM Pulse Counting Tuner

Special FM Stereo Decoder Circuit For Pulse Counting FM Receiver

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3 Valve 3 Watt Stereo Amplifier