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Ever since the end of the valve era towards the late 1960s. components from your local electronic store have been increasingly hard to obtain. The only way you could obtain such components was to use mail order, by browsing through magazines such as Practical Wireless and Everyday Electronics. Sometimes you could have ended up waiting for weeks and even months, giving up in total frustration. The internet has now changed all that and as a result, constructers have returned to this wonderful pastime hobby. Here is a list of the recommended Links.   

Component Suppliers

Maplin Electronics  Antique Electronic Supply  Vintage Radio Components

Cricklewood Electronics CCTV and Electronic Components

RS Components   Toko Coils And Inductors

Jackson Brothers - Variable Capacitors and Drives NB I have deep regret that this link is temporarily down at the present moment due to a fire at one of there premises which has destroyed all there stocks and computer equipment. Please visit the following link Fire destroys electronics stocks for more information. Hopefully they say will still be able to continue there range of variable capacitors and I will keep you all informed with the latest news on this very sad situation. Ocean State Electronics

Mains Transformers And Valve Suppliers


VVT Mains Transformers for Electronic Equipment

Chelmer Valves  Watford Valves 

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Important Electrical Safety Issues Related To Valve Equipment

Important Electronic Symbols Used In Valve Circuits

  Simple 2 Valve TRF Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver

Components List and Chassis Layout For 2 Valve TRF Receiver

Introducing Superhet Receivers' Featuring Add On Converter For The Two Valve TRF Receiver

Transistor FM Superhet Receiver

Severn Valve HF Superhet Receiver Designed For Advanced Constructors

Double Conversion Pulse Counting FM Superhet Receiver With 10.7 MHZ First IF Stage

Special FM Stereo Decoder Circuit For Pulse Counting FM Receiver

Single Conversion 6 Transistor 10.7 MHZ Pulse Counting Receiver, Designed For Stereo FM Reception

6 Valve VHF/FM Pulse Counting FM Tuner Using Safe 25Volt DC HT Line

Solid State AM/FM Pulse Counting Receiver Designed For HF Short Wave Band Reception As Well As Superb Clear VHF/FM Reception

Valve Version Of The 10.7 MHZ Double Conversion VHF/FM Pulse Counting Tuner

Progressive Crystal Set To Regenerative Receiver Using Safe 12V HT Line

3 Valve 3 Watt Stereo Amplifier

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