About This Site And Recent Update Changes

For the last 15 years this website is run voluntary by myself featuring my vintage radio projects that I have got successfully working myself. I do not do any vintage radio repairs or make any money out of this business as I feature these projects for pleasure and like to make it feel like the old days of radio magazines. Most of the valve receiver projects use very lethal high voltages and are not suitable as a first time project for absolute beginners to this hobby. My following link Simple Radio Receiver Circuits For Beginners is suitable for children aged 12 and upwards who must also be supervised by an adult. The following link Important Electrical Safety Issues Related To Valve Equipment has full details on this subject but please note the following statement. I hold no responsibility for injury or death due to incorrect respect regarding mains electricity and you are entirely taking your own risk. If are in doubt seek advice from a competent technician who knows what they are doing.       


News Of Recent Updates And Changes To This Website

As I was recently announcing hand drawn circuit diagrams are going to be a thing of the past regarding all my radio construction articles I will just explain the following statement. On some of the popular pages such as Simple Radio Receiver Circuits For Beginners the hand drawn wiring diagrams will be here for a while until I can locate suitable drawing software. The pages that I am now working on mainly during this Spring to early Summer are the following links Simple 2 Valve Regenerative Receiver , 3 Valve Regenerative Superhet Receiver and Severn Valve HF Superhet Receiver Designed For Advanced Constructors which are going through redesign of the circuit diagrams. I have also changed my mind about not having component lists which I will explain the following reason. Some of the component suppliers such as Maplin Electronics have sadly gone into administration and also some hard to get components will be listed from alternative suppliers. Also a new page with construction details for a simple ATU Antenna Tuning Unit should be fully functional by around mid summer and can be found by clicking on the following link Simple (ATU) Antenna Tuning Unit For All HF Receiver Projects Please note that all these pages that are being redesigned are in a queue so please be patient for the time being. It is advisable for regular and recent constructors to save old pictures as once the old circuit diagrams have been taken off the site they will be gone forever.    


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